About the Bali Trade and Development Symposium (TDS)

3-5 December 2013, Bali International Convention Centre (BICC) at the Westin Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali

The Bali Trade and Development Symposium was held from 3-5 December on the sidelines of the Ninth WTO Ministerial Conference. The event provided a forum for discussion among governmental and non-governmental stakeholders on issues at the interface of trade and sustainable development, with a view to identifying policy options to address key challenges facing the multilateral trade system.

Over the past decade, the Trade and Development Symposium earned a reputation as the premier parallel event at WTO Ministerial Conferences. These symposia offer a valuable space for a wide range of stakeholders – from policymakers to business leaders to non-governmental organisations – to engage in substantive open discussion outside the negotiating context in order to help move the sustainable development policy agenda forward.

The Bali Trade and Development Symposium focused on three broad thematic streams

  • environment and natural resources
  • international trade governance and sustainable development
  • trade and economic development

Sessions, organised by a wide array of international organisations, addressed the most pressing contemporary trade and sustainable development issues, categorised under these three thematic streams.

The Bali Trade and Development Symposium is organised by ICTSD, together with its Indonesian partner the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

Background and Context