The Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Jakarta is an independent, non-profit organization focusing on policy-oriented studies on domestic and international issues. Established in 1971, CSIS has won recognition as an important research and policy institution both within Indonesia and internationally. Its development over more than four decades is entwined with the history of Indonesia itself.

The mission of CSIS is to contribute to improved policy making through policy-oriented research, dialogue, and public debate.

This is based on the belief that long-term planning and vision for Indonesia and the region must be based on an in-depth understanding of economic, political and social issues including regional and international developments. CSIS research and studies are channeled in various forms as independent input to government, universities and research institutions, civil society organizations, media, and business.

Research and Publications
CSIS undertakes research in economics, politics and social change, and international relations, with topics selected on the basis of their relevance to public policy. Inter-disciplinary studies are encouraged. In the area of foreign policy, its research is complemented and strengthened by its relations with an extensive network of research, academic, and other organizations worldwide. CSIS has an active publication program covering a wide range of subjects in English and Bahasa Indonesia. These include:

  • Books and monographs covering research undertaken by CSIS;
  • The Indonesian Quarterly, an English-language journal started in 1974;
  • Analisis CSIS, a quarterly journal in Bahasa Indonesia, published since 1971;

In the wider Asia-Pacific region, CSIS is actively involved with regional and international networks of track-two institutions and think-tanks that interact with intergovernmental activities.

This includes hosting the Indonesian National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation (INCPEC) for the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC) and member of Institutional Advisory Board of the Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network (ARTNeT). CSIS is also a founding institute of the Council for Asia Europe Cooperation (CAEC).

Through its active participation in track-two activities, CSIS takes part in efforts to promote regional cooperation (ASEAN, Asia Pacific) and intra-regional cooperation (ASEM).