Date and Time: Tuesday 3rd December 2013 ~~~ 9:00 – 10:30
Location: Auditorium
Strengthening the Multilateral Trading System (E15Initiative Stream)


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Session Objectives

The E15 Initiative has been convened to contribute to strengthening the multilateral trade system. It does so, by channelling analysis, ideas and forward thinking of leading researchers, trade practitioners and former policy makers. Focusing on critical issues facing the WTO, its experts groups address key 21st century challenges, including shifts in trade and investment patterns; the organisation of manufacturing and services for international markets; innovation; climate change; natural resource scarcity and unsustainability; food and energy security. E15 proceedings bring fresh ideas and proposals of reform to the policy environment as the WTO nears its 20 years and complexity characterises cooperation and governance in the global economy.


A group of high-level policy makers, experts, and business leaders will have an interactive discussion on the ground-breaking work of the E15initiative. Exciting ideas regarding possible futures for the multilateral trading system will be examined.