Date and Time: Wednesday 4th December 2013 ~~~ 10:00 – 11:30
Location: Frangipani Room
Theme: Environment and Natural Resources



Session Objectives

The aim of this session it to discuss the similarities in terms of dynamics and political economy of the food and energy sectors and to see to which extent the current WTO setting, inherited from the Uruguay Round, is adapted to tackle the 21st century challenges. It will also discuss why reaching these goals will require to develop cross silos approach and to promote international cooperation starting with accurate policy monitoring and dialogue.


This session will start with two presentations summarizing recent findings on recent research and factual information in regarding the following issues:
- Energy and food security and international trade: where do we stand, where we have been, where are we going?
- Which are the different drivers of food and energy security in the future and how trade will increasingly fill the gaps between domestic demand and supply?
- Why these two sectors present strong similarities in terms of dynamics and political economy
- Is the 70’s situation regarding food and energy prices is similar to the present situation?

These elements will help to set the stage for a lively discussion between the panel members and the floor aimed to answer two critical questions:
- Is the WTO framework inherited from the Uruguary round and based on the 70’s and 80’s experience is adequate to tackle the ongoing challenges?
- What should the right approaches and potential reform that will lead to policy action and promote international cooperation?