Date and Time: Wednesday 4th December 2013 ~~~ 8:00 – 9:30
Location: Auditorium


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Session Objectives

Since the turn of the century, significant new dynamics are emerging within and around the international trading system; trade flows are much more complex and diverse than before with global value chains gaining importance, emerging economies, in particular China, having taken to the stage as a significant trading economy, and the proliferation of preferential trade agreements has added layers of complexity. At the same time, the global economy has slowly clawed its way back from a financial crisis that was unprecedented in scope, depth, and speed, with many challenges still remaining to be addressed. The earth’s life support system is also demonstrating increasingly visible signs of stress and strain, concerns are mounting over historically high resource prices, as well as food and energy security, and ultimately, we do not have a ‘climate bailout’ option. As the international community searches for a new development paradigm to be reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the WTO and the international trading system must join the debate. The time is ripe for considering how we can rise to new trade challenges and foster a more inclusive, sustainable, and equitable growth model. To help facilitate this discussion, the Trade and Development Symposium (TDS) will bring together a wide range of actors and stakeholders actively engaged in sustainable development challenges. The opening session will provide a horizontal look at the themes and topics the Symposium will address over the three days. In particular, issues that cut across the Symposium’s four tracks will be brought together: employment, sustainability, climate change, and the rise of emerging economies.