Date and Time: Wednesday 4th December 2013 ~~~ 16:30 – 18:00
Location: Auditorium
Theme: International Trade Governance and Sustainable Development




Session Objectives

• What are the major causes of disillusionment of private sector from the multilateral trading system?
• How can the Bali Ministerial Conference help in creating a roadmap for pro-development and pro-business agenda for multilateral trade liberalisation?
• What according to Private sector are major issues, which could potentially help revive the Doha round and also restore the confidence in multilateral trading system?
• What are the key systemic and governance issues private sector would like to bring on the table for discussion in order to strengthen the multilateral trade body like WTO?


The failure to conclude the Doha round even after more than a decade of protracted negotiations dented the credibility of rules-based multilateral trading system. One of the biggest fall-outs of this failure has been the growing disillusionment amongst private sector about the utility of multilateral trading system. It has been observed that in recent years, private sector both in developed and developing countries have shown greater preference to Free Trade Agreements than the ongoing Doha round of trade negotiations. This is perhaps one of the critical factors why WTO members are struggling to generate enough political capital to conclude the Doha deal. Under the prevailing circumstances, the key objectives of the session would be to discuss the framework of a potential pro-business and pro-development trade liberalisation agenda, which could help bring back the support of private sector for multilateral trading system.