Date and Time: Wednesday 4th December 2013 ~~~ 14:30 – 18:00
Location: Frangipani Room
Theme: Environment and Natural Resources
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Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia


WWF International

Session Objectives

• To present the results of the subsidy reform initiatives in Mexico and Indonesia which include creating ‘in country’ subsidies dialogue on fisheries subsidies; helping foster transparency on countries’ fisheries subsidies programmes and showcasing case studies to test approaches to specific subsidies reforms.
• To explore current approaches to subsidy reform in various countries with a view to facilitating better understanding of the trade, socio-economic, and environmental dimensions.
• To contribute to the growing body of literature on experiences and best practices with national reform of fisheries subsidies.
• To promote continued attention to achieving binding new multilateral disciplines on fisheries subsidies, with a particular focus on the unique role that the WTO plays in helping combat overcapacity and overfishing.


Leading developing country governments are playing a key role in improving the use of fisheries subsidies. Developing country leadership was crucial to a decade of steady but slow progress at the WTO fisheries subsidies negotiations. Now that those talks have come to a temporary halt, governments have embraced the need to work at the national level to ensure that subsidies are linked to strong fisheries management policies and are administered with accountability and effectiveness. Indonesia and Mexico have been leading this effort, in partnership with WWF and stakeholders at both the national and local levels.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Affairs of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia is hosting a public event around the 9th WTO ministerial conference in Bali to showcase the experiences of key developing countries in the area of fisheries subsidies reform. The goal is to help build momentum and international support for this work, while also ensuring that a positive approach to the fisheries subsidies issue remains an active part of the WTO’s post Bali work program.

The event will be participated in by senior level officials from the Fisheries Ministries of Indonesia and Mexico, and other key developed and developing countries, intergovernmental organisations like UNEP and other selected academic and NGO experts. The event will be open to the public.