Date and Time: Wednesday 4th December 2013 ~~~ 11:45 – 13:15
Location: Hibiscus Room
Theme: International Trade Governance and Sustainable Development

Background material:



Session Objectives

● The Session will explore the standard compliance capacities of developing countries in order to provide policy supports to strengthen export competitiveness of developing countries from the global production chain perspective.


The session concerns trade compliance that has recently been observed in the trade between developed and emerging economies. On one hand, the compliance may be defined as quality assurance of goods and services incoming from other countries, which is essential for public welfare of the importing countries. On the other hand, the compliance requirements may add burdens to exporting countries, i.e., developing economies, and it is possible that these requirements constitute new forms of non-tariff barrier. This session will present issues on standard compliance arising from exports of agriculture and food products as well as of manufactured products that need to meet certain chemical regulations, and develop prospective for the better trade practices that contribute to development of the regional and global economy.