Ambassador Christopher Onyanga Aparr is the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Uganda to the United Nations and other International Organizations, and World Trade Organization, in Geneva.

Previously, Ambassador Christopher Onyanga Aparr was appointed Ambassador to the Russian Federation and then fifteen (15) Commonwealth of Independent States of the former Soviet Union. He was later appointed Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and the Vatican (2003), and to the Federal Republic of Nigeria and other West African States.

Ambassador Onyanga Aparr held various positions in the Government of Uganda, namely; Senior Government Valuer in charge of Land and Real Estate appraisal for the Government; Chief Estates Officer in charge of management and protective maintenance of Government properties as Board Director of a Company, Transocean (Uganda) Limited, in charge of transportation, freight and clearing of goods and services.

Ambassador Onyanga Aparr was also Principal National Housing Officer in a Corporation called National Housing and Construction Company, facilitating construction and management of housing estates, to increase housing stock in the country. In this capacity, he handled a number of housing projects in the country.

Currently, Ambassador Onyanga Aparr has been heavily involved in trade negotiations in Trade Facilitations, Agriculture, and Development, in preparation for Bali Ministerial Conference in Indonesia.

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